Thursday, June 20, 2024
A country that unites us, A cause that we support


Unite is an initiative inspired by the U.A.E, Leadership, Authorities and Residents (Nationals & Expats).

We have lived inspiring occurrences over the past few days that impacted every member of our great community.

We aim to expose and add to the Hundreds of initiatives that are meant to put us all together as a community in one place. Our grand responsibility to assist in taking care of those who would make use of every initiative, in the country that took care of every resident when times turned tough. We believe that supporting businesses thus supporting jobs is a major contributor to our communal and social wellbeing.

If you are a supplier who is interested to support businesses by selling with no profit “no profit” or a business that has vacancies or can create vacancies we open the door for you to share the vacancy or the product you wish to sell with our community.

Remember this is not an advertising platform, and it will be embracing to you and none productive to use this platform to try and advertise for profit. Doing the right thing will get you known this will help your brand, while what goes around comes around. So do what’s descent or join the offer by spreading the word if you have nothing you can give. All efforts at the end are appreciated.

The mega responsibility the U.A.E. Leadership has taken on its shoulders got us together as a society in a none precedented way.

U.A.E our home thus we UNITE.

This is not an official page neither a page that represent any authority. This is just a thank you from Arms & McGregor International Realty Team and Management to the U.A.E. Leadership, Authorities and Residents (Nationals & Expats).

Companies supporting this initiative